Coast of Gold


Coast of Gold takes its name from the original Gold Coast – a British Crown Colony on the Gulf of Guinea until 1957. Founded by Genevieve, a Ghanaian native, Coast of Gold products are lovingly crafted from authentic family recipes handed down through generations.

As Coast of Gold transitioned from its humble beginnings at Bondi markets and into the hustle and bustle of larger retail environments, it soon became evident that the existing brand was feeling a little undercooked.

From strategy through to design, Biggie completely recreated all facets of the brand. Inspired by the rich tapestry of African people and culture, we drew inspiration from traditional Ghanaian Kente cloths – a blend of coloured threads woven together to form beautiful patterns. These vibrant Kente patterns adorn each of the products to define the variants and create strong shelf-standout in a competitive landscape.